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Welcome to the official site of Phixall, a one-stop solution to all domestic and industrial menial jobs. We specialize in delivering quick and efficient service innovations to your home as we commit to ensuring that all your minor fixes and maintenance are executed in a timely and world-class manner. This we will achieve through our wide range of experieced personnel and cost-effectiveness.

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Phixall delivers a wide and comfortable range of subscriptions for all income cadre. We have the Gold, Silver and Platinum packages with an interesting mix of services to suit your need and budget. We are interested in ensuring your spend wisely.

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Our broad services can cover you all year round. With just a call away, subscribing with us ensures that you don't need to worry about a faulty kitchen tap or a broken table or any other need that is covered by your subscription

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You can subscribe to us for your office and home. Our services include, Generator Repairs, AC Repairs, Plumbing, Waste Disposal, Carpentry, Remodelling, Refurbishments...

Quality and Efficiency is Guaranteed With Phixall

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If you require timely executions of projects and excellent services, have it with PHIXALL


Phixall is a forward thinking, energetic and dynamic utility company. We add value by creating ideal outcomes for both Corporate and household property owners and tenants, where they desire solutions that are swift, efficient and complete while maintaining cost effectiveness and class. Delivering repairs and maintenance, industrial and household cleaning, refurbishments and construction projects, etc. is what we do. Our philosophy is that successful projects are founded on the people responsible for the projects and our team are dedicated to understanding our clients’ needs so that they can create solutions which promotes satisfaction. Phixall is aligned with all project stakeholders through open communication to ensure value is added to our clients’ expectations..

We are a growing company with a proven track record in delivering successful projects where all stakeholders would like to work together always. Our collaborative approach and commitment to understanding our clients’ needs has ensured our new clients become repeat clients. We add value by creating ideal outcomes for our clients where they love that their facilities are in perfect conditions and the financial returns achieved is maximized. Our projects are resourced with the right team providing an enjoyable experience for all participants. This promotes proactive work ethic and encourages staff to work and grow within the company.

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PHIXALL is registered in Nigeria and has a track record for delivering quality and timely services to all clients. We have a penchant for excellent maintenance services as we utilize superior tools and effecient manpower for all our jobs.

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